Author: brucelevine

The Fifth Friday

The fifth Friday of the year meant nothing to anyone other than Dillon. He’d designated it as his right of passage day. He never assigned an actual date, other than the fifth Friday, and he never explained what event had...

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A Perfect Sleep

“See the joy of getting up early,” she said, pointing to the clock. “It’s only eight-thirty…” “There’s no joy in getting up early,” he answered, sarcastically. “Nine-thirty is normal, ten is better.” She laughed because she knew...

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A Second Chance

Once in a lifetime If you’re lucky You get a second chance At love How it happens Why it happens No one knows But the powers up Above Life’s twists and turns Run parallel in the universe Fate and destiny hold hands To bring...

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The Note

The note was sent. The date was set. Jamie felt that she would be betraying everyone. She’d always been the popular one, the one everybody turned to in good times and bad times, as the saying went. She felt that she had to go,...

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Jason picked up his pencil for probably the hundredth time that day and put it back down every time. It wasn’t a case of writer’s block because each time he picked up his pencil he wrote something; it was that nothing he wrote...

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