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The Ages of Time

The Renaissance The Enlightenment The Baroque The Romanesque The Classical The Neo-classical The Romantics The Avant-Garde The Dark Ages The Middle Ages The Federalists The Philanthropists The Modernists The Cubists The...

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The stillness of the morning A quiet time to think Burning off the mist of darkness And drying up the dew Ev’ning shadows long forgotten As golden rays appear Casting off on a new day dawning With incandescent light Like...

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That Is The Question

I weighed the options. Should I or shouldn’t I? That is the question: I’ve done it so many times before And been rebuffed each time. The answer should be clear; I should be firm, But each time I hesitate And then relent. Should...

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Woody Allen Movies

Upper West Side apartments A hidden agenda Not so hidden To the literati And intelligentsia Psychological Societal studies Family relationships Real and dysfunctional Phobias and foibles Siblings and psychosis Fantasies and...

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The Land of the Living Dead

The gentle breeze has just a hint of coolness to it, Barely relieving the humidity even this early in the day. The fetid air hangs heavy in the trees, The residue of yesterday’s scorching thermometer. Is there hope in that...

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