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New book

I am pleased to be a guest contributor in a new book on Amazon called A Poem A Day 2021. This is a beautiful book by Anthony Frobisher, with proceeds benefitting the U.K. Make A Wish Foundation. It is an honor to have an author...

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2 New Books

I am pleased to announce I am a contributor to two new books. The first is Let The Acorns Grow by Anthony Frobisher. Available on Amazon. The second is the last in an anthology series. It is The Poetic Bond X Edited by Trevor...

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week end

Week end eat out ensures weak end Week end drive routes  dead end Swallowed in hotels swallows purse Wallowed in taste allows in nurse Food looked only for taste Food cooked sans its chaste Frequent eat-out may look fancy...

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Brightly,shining vesselsas flames roar and shrubs snap-the earth is a fire warriorangeredconsumedearly morning ignites, sunlessas small creatures escapefrom smoke and blazedruin.An unrhymed ten line poem, Cinquain Variation 1...

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