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Woody Allen Movies

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Upper West Side apartments
A hidden agenda
Not so hidden
To the literati
And intelligentsia

Societal studies
Family relationships
Real and dysfunctional

Phobias and foibles
Siblings and psychosis
Fantasies and follies
False or deferential

Dixieland or
Café society piano
Introspective or


Laughing and crying
Over spilled cocktails
While hiding at parties

Lifestyle studies
New York or foreign
Of the rich or famous
On the wrong side of the tracks

Happy or tragic
Finding the truth
Through open eyes
Transfixed on sidewalks
Broken like pavement
Filled with potholes

Boiled like cabbage
Rolled into daydreams or
Finding the way

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The Land of the Living Dead

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The gentle breeze has just a hint of coolness to it,
Barely relieving the humidity even this early in the day.
The fetid air hangs heavy in the trees,
The residue of yesterday’s scorching thermometer.

Is there hope in that gentle breeze?
The first in a season of no seasons.
The land of mold, mildew and bug bites
Reveals itself as a season of perennial hot.

The man sips his coffee and picks up his pencil,
Trying to draw the outline of memories:
Golden days of autumn and snow white cliffs of winter
Where time moves onward in a perpetuum of days.

The man sits stagnant in a world of empty spaces;
A vacuum created like a tunnel through the reality of time.
Nothing ever changes; no one ever reaches for the golden ring of glory
Or the passion of fulfillment in the land of the living dead.

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The Tree of Life

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The tree of life
Takes a circuitous route
Stumbling its way
Toward destiny

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An Empty Life

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Another anniversary of your death
A time to reflect on living without you
It hasn’t gotten any easier

Missing you sitting next to me in the car
All the things we loved to do together
All the things we looked forward to doing together
All the places we went together
All the places we’ll never get to together
All the time simply being together

I do things alone now because I have to
But nothing will ever be the same
I look to the future and an empty life
A life that once was shared with you

My wife died six months ago today – this is for her

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A Profound Sadness

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There’s a profound sadness
To the death of dreams.
When hope withers
And days stand still;
Drifting one into another
And another.

The gentle touch of success,
Simple in any form,

The golden rays of sunshine
Shrouded in
Black clouds.

The new hopes and prospects
Foiled by an
Unseen hand.

Time lingers and
Dangles, like a carrot,
The portent of change
That remains unfulfilled
Except by a profound sadness.

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A Book

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Why would anyone give up
Reading a real book
For a machine?
Holding a book,
Feeling its weight;
Feeling the paper of the pages
Between your fingers,
And actually turning pages
One by one.
With a book
The tactile sensation becomes
As much a part of the whole
As the words
And the use of language;
Blending the story and the book
Into a total experience.
All a machine gives you
Are words
And eyestrain.

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