3 Haiku for Spring – 4/14/19

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Spring is on the wing

Seasons forever changing

Summer on the way

Wild geese appear

Robins nesting in tree tops

Signs of spring are here

Trees burst into leaf

Frozen limbs no longer bare

Harbingers of life




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Happiness Surrenders

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Happiness surrenders
To the unknown powers
That guide the soul
In the right direction




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The Lake

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driftwood floats
to a corner
of the lake
hidden from view
in a cove
shrouded by trees

sailboats glide
on a breeze as
mild as september
over water as
smooth as glass
tinted amber

hidden depths with
spring-filled caverns
against the
ebbing tide

summer haze and
autumn colors
new day’s glory
turns to
evening shade

flying fish and
water urchins
fishing rods
with baited

swimmers dive
into pale blue
crystal clear
with a hint
of green

fishes ride
in the wake
of rowboats
speedy oars
pulled by
teams of men

gentle times
as the lake
passing times
that remain
the same

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You And I

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You and I will have our dreams together
See the world as pink and green together
Knowing that we’ll always be together
Feel the morning, rise upon us
Hold the feeling, all wet with dew.

You and I will spend our days together
Moving right on through the maze together
Playing games and making plays together
Happy endings, ever after
Like a story, we’ll spend our lives.

With time for holding you
And time for loving you
We’ll make our dreams come true
You and I.

Originally used as a song lyric in the show Marriage and Other Happenings in 1983

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I Look At The Sea

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I look at the sea
As the sun shines down
And the glare stings my eyes
But as I watch
The sight comes clear
And all the ocean’s beauty
Comes alive

Here I sit
Seven stories up
Safe and warm inside
For the sea is cold now
And sometimes angry
But it will be warm and calm
Again this spring

So I look at the sea
As the sun shines down
And I dream of the spring
And when spring comes
I wish you here
To share the ocean’s beauty
With me

This is the 2nd of a set of three art songs for soprano and piano called Three Landscapes – the other two poems are by Edna St. Vincent Millay

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The Ages of Time

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The Renaissance
The Enlightenment
The Baroque
The Romanesque
The Classical
The Neo-classical
The Romantics
The Avant-Garde
The Dark Ages
The Middle Ages
The Federalists
The Philanthropists
The Modernists
The Cubists
The Minimalists
The Impressionists
The Imperialists
The Rationalists
The Surrealists
The Transcendentalists
The Gilded Age
The Industrial Age
The Golden Age
The Space Age
The Age of Reason
The Age of Mediocrity

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The stillness of the morning
A quiet time to think
Burning off the mist of darkness
And drying up the dew

Ev’ning shadows long forgotten
As golden rays appear
Casting off on a new day dawning
With incandescent light

Like fishermen in hip-boots
Trailing lures in streams
Teasing dreams to follow
The long forgotten embers
Of yesterday’s embrace

New shadows of awak’ning
With piercing crystal light
Leaving empty spaces
To be filled as time progresses
Toward another afternoon

The patches still in grayness
Soon to disappear
Ending off the day’s transition
As morning overtakes

The dawn of another journey
A day to be revealed
Moving on toward a day of brightness
Another day with you

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