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Our policies are worded strongly for clarity, spelling out what some other sites fail to mention or emphasize. In a sentence: We only collect standard information and never trade it with others outside Prolific Press Inc., the provider of, and we do use cookies as necessary to keep user accounts and preferences separate (to enhance the user experience), but never to interact with advertisers or otherwise leverage cookies for any business purpose. is a public platform where writers and others interact. What you post publicly to is available for others to see. Deleting your post may not be enough to erase all traces of your post, as others may take a screenshot or otherwise preserve your activity. Put simply, don’t post sensitive information or posts that contain material you are concerned that others may see and/or retain.

Any information collected by, for the purpose of creating and maintaining a user account, is stored in a database using standard technologies. Access to the website is gained via a secure (256 bit encrypted) connection. No other kinds of data are collected by may direct users, through advertising, clickable links, or general advice toward services offered by our partners and/or vendors. Moreover, general users at the site may suggest services to other users. Every online service provider maintains their own privacy policies and business practices, and makes no claims about the policies of others. Users are on notice. You use other services at your own risk, and makes no warrantee about any 3rd party. Once you leave the website, you take no warrantee with you.

We use WordPress and other online programs to facilitate the online community at In order to create an account and provide a usable and enjoyable service. We employ the use of cookies to keep accounts separate from one another and enhance the user experience. We do not collect additional user data or otherwise use cookies to interact with advertisers.

We provide users with as much control over their data as possible. This means that you may remove yourself and/or your posts (

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). If you require assistance, please contact us.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us.