Like many of you I’m a professional copywriter and blogger making my way in the world of business. Writing is the medium I use to collect my thoughts, plan my future, rationalise action and experience nature. It is writing that calls me to connect with the divine power and draws me closer to our creator.

Writing is all these things to me and, because it’s also the source of my income, it’s my business too. As a business, writing must be treated with the same professionalism, principles and practices that apply to any commercial entity.

After years of blogging poetry and personal stories, earlier this year I added the WritingBiz section to my website. It’s the place where I share those principles and practices that apply to any business (but most especially to writing and the creative industries). In writing and developing the posts and resources I’m drawing on my practical knowledge from more than 25 years owning and operating small businesses, managing hospitality venues, undertaking consulting work, as well as my professional experience as a freelance writer.

For those of you striving to make writing your career (or at the very least make money writing) I hope the posts will provide you with ideas on how to find clients and customers within your niche as well as how to setup a writing business and run it profitably.

I’m not a bestselling author or an award winning scriptwriter (not yet anyway), but I am a writer making my living from writing. WritingBiz is my way of reaching out to the writing community, a channel for my own growth as a writer, a place to share my ideas and also listen to yours. I invite you to check out my posts and hope they will be helpful to your own journey as a writer and facilitates the growth of your writing business.

Thanks for stopping by.

Melinda J. Irvine
Professional Copywriter, Poet and Business Blogger

PS: if you aren’t freelancing you can still check out my personal blog. I share poetry, photography and stories from my dual lives between Australia and the Philippines: being an adopted mum to a little boy I met roaming the streets of the Philippines in 2015, and trying to make sense of my increasingly blurred national identity.

Melinda J. Irvine poet and blogger

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